reverse traditional grip

Not really knowing what I'm doing yet but eager to explore different techniques, I've been playing with an alternate drumstick grip that I thought was a traditional grip (rather than the more common matched grip you'll see most drummers use...especially outside of jazz).

Last night, watching instructional videos on the web, I figured out that I was actually holding the sticks reverse to a traditional grip. Put another way, I'm pretty sure it's appropriate to say that I was playing left-handed traditional grip on a right-handed kit (a traditional leftist?).

The thing is, I was finding that it was incredibly effective. On the right hand, I could move very quickly from striking the snare or hat with the head of the stick to striking toms and ride with the butt of the stick. Further, I could also move very quickly on the right between any two drums due to this ability to use both ends of the stick.

Even though it's not one of the grips I'm "supposed" to be practicing, I'm going to keep playing with this in addition to matched and proper traditional since it feels so effective. I'm probably learning all sorts of horrible habits that will make me untrainable in the future when I take lessons from others...


Anonymous Anthony said...

that sounds awesome, man. did you play open handed? that's one of the things i'm experimenting with, open handed reverse traditional grip. go on youtube and search for "carter beauford #41." he doesn't play traditional but his open handed style might give you some inspiration. good luck with your endeavors and have fun!

8/02/2007 12:40:00 PM  

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