and so it begins

A few months ago, I was hanging at a barbecue with some colleagues celebrating the recent release of a couple of products we'd all worked very hard on for many months prior. One fellow mentioned interest in taking a basic motorcycle riding course.

It planted the idea in my head and got me thinking about how I've wanted to ride a motorcycle since I was a kid. I asked myself "Why not?" and begin to obsess about the idea. Relatively quickly, I'd signed up for the first available slot in a class in the Bay Area.

I had a blast over the weekend on the riding range. I highly recommend taking an MSF course if you want to ride, since it will take you from knowing nothing to knowing just enough to be comfortable and therefore relatively dangerous to yourself.

After that weekend, I was hooked. I applied for my M1 and started pulling the pieces together. Over the next few weeks, I purchased an armored mesh jacket and a good helmet, and I started shopping for a motorcycle...


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