monster of a plan

One of the things I really wanted and even asked for in my MSF class was a copy of the range diagrams so that I could go do my own exercises.

Alas, the instructor said he couldn't give them to me. I suspect that the company giving the classes doesn't want other crews to steal their intellectual property in order to offer competing classes. Bah!

So, before I set out this morning, I put my google search skills to work and came up with a nice guidebook. With lesson plans and several plastic soda bottles partially filled with water to use as cones loaded in the saddlebags, I set out to my riding range.

As I suspected, it was deserted this morning as it usually is during the daytime. I got to work and after several hours had completed the following chapters of the exercise book I'd found.

Now, I'm going to take a nap since I definitely need to get some rest before the session this afternoon. Also, I should contact someone about getting my stubby clutch lever replaced as soon as possible.


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