lever replacement and extra protection

I called around and found that Honda Peninsula Ducati had a replacement clutch lever in stock for my Monster. They're super-nice folks, and I won't hesitate to call them in the future. So, I zoomed on over to Sunnyvale in the WRX to pick up the part.

When I was there, I decided to get a set of Fox Ventilator Knee/Shin Guards as well. Leg protection had been suggested by Andy, the former owner of my Duc, as a highly recommended protection accessory for the beginning rider, since the lower leg is often one of the first points of impact in a motorcycle accident. At $20 for the fancy version, it seemed like a heck of a good idea to me.

Back at my apartment complex, a little more Google research netted me instructions for replacing the lever. Ten minutes and liberal applications of grease later, the broken lever was replaced and looking as good as new.

Between the nap, some lunch, and my wrenching, I've taken a far longer break from my drills than I'd originally intended. So, it's time to put the armor back on and go for another round of low-speed parking lot exercises before my range gets infested with bar-hoppers' cages.


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